. . . and it's not their genes either. – Dr. C

One day, a boy had to be hurried to the psychiatrist.  The doctor’s office called and said there was a last minute cancellation, and my supervisor picked me to take him to the doctor’s office.

I was a little nervous.  I had pestered this doctor with my questions, apparently to the breaking point.  I was nearly 30 by then, I had two kids of my own, and I wanted clear answers.  I don’t do well with platitudes.  I guess it showed.  At some point he decided he didn’t want to answer any more of my questions, especially when he found out I had a bachelor’s degree in sociology.  So, this time, I walked in with one of the boys and I quietly found a seat.  The boy was soon escorted to a room in the back where he would wait to see the doctor.

It was late in the day and the office was empty.  I took a seat just below and to the right of the sliding glass window where the receptionist was.  I was extra quiet.  After a few minutes, I was out of sight and, as I soon found out, out of mind.

About 10 minutes later, I heard the doctor approach the receptionist area.  The receptionist, I would learn, also did the doctor’s billing for Medi-Cal.  Her name was Evelyn.  I remember her name because, unbeknownst to the doctor, this is what I heard the doctor say to her, in no uncertain terms:

“God dammit Evelyn, how many times do I have to tell you?!  I don’t get paid for this diagnosis!!”

Hmmm.  As I was to learn in the next few years, the love of money really is the root of all evil after all.

An excerpt from Dr. Cima’s article:  Your Kids Aren’t Sick

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  1. David Keirsey said:

    Reblogged this on Professor Keirsey's Blog and commented:

    Dr. Randy Cima talks about Psychiatry’s dirty little secret.

  2. Thank you for bringing this up. The number of the alleged “diagnosis” in the DSM are for identifying for the purpose of insurance billing and has nothing to do with “science” or “statistics”.

  3. vincent gugino said:

    Wow very interesting!

  4. yep, they get paind all right – no wonder they exclude all the other possibilities

  5. Hello Mr. Keirsey, I am a fellow INTP. You are very correct in seeing the corrupt pharma business as it is. If you have ever listened to Charlie Mungers 24 human misjudgements, you should, it will expand what you already know. This subconscious bias that is operating in the doctors is called, incentive caused bias, the bias to operate subconsciously in a way that benefits you, and not your patients. It causes massive evil, in many facets of life! I wish you well, exposing this super evil and corrupt industry, because it really does kill and destroy peoples lives.

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