. . . and it's not their genes either. – Dr. C

A brief interlude . . .


I’m learning about blogs, bloggers, and blogging.

Experienced bloggers, I’ve been told over and over, are on Facebook and Twitter.  I didn’t know this.  So, I asked my circle of friends, family and colleagues:  how do I get this done?  Who’s the best person I found to help me with Facebook and Twitter?  Who has the skills, experience and knowledge to assist me with these marvelous 21st Century communication tools that are used worldwide?  After a careful process of elimination, it was clear my 13-year-old grandson Vincent is the person up to the task.  So, I’ll be working with him, and I’ll be “tweeting” and ” facebooking” soon.


I have a number of essays planned that will be part of the “Your Kids Aren’t Sick” (YKAS) series.  As you know by now, this is a story about “modern psychiatry” and the growing travesty committed on our children.  Like any chronicle, there’s order to it.  I’ll call these blog entries YKAS 1, YKAS 2, and so one.  The next one in the series will be YKAS 3:  Our Chemical Culture, later this week.

By the way, about this subject, I just published an article at BestThinking called The Era of Chemicals – Redux.   I wrote it 24 years ago and it’s been hanging around in my computer since.  It’s about our chemical culture as I saw it in the late 1980’s.  I’m sorry to report it’s still true, and then some.  You can read it here.


This sub-title of this blog is “. . . and it’s not their genes either.”  I published another article this week at the same site about genes and behavior.  The Gene Fool is about the myth you may be participating in about genetics.  You likely think human behavior is “influenced,” or “caused” by your genes.  Most people agree with you.  Don’t be a gene fool.  You can read about that here.


There will be two new additions to the blog.  Meet . . . will be an introduction to someone I think you should meet.  The second will be You should know . . . and it will be, surprisingly enough, about something I think you should know.


Finally, I’ll be blogging about temperament and children.  If your kids aren’t sick, and it’s not their genes either, what is it?  The short answer:  temperament.   This began as the Kids Korner in YKAS 1.  I’ve since changed the name to Kid Forms (KF).  I’ll be blogging KF 2 soon.  In case you forgot, here are the four forms of childhood temperaments:


Dr. C

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