. . . and it's not their genes either. – Dr. C

Meet . . .

There I was, minding my own business, when someone sent me a “link.”  People are always sending me links.  Especially when it comes to the abuse of chemicals.

There are a growing number of like-minded professionals who are opposed to the medical model, and that means we’re opposed to all those ridiculous chemicals.  I’m an active member in one organization (ISEPP:here), and I’m on the email list of a few others. I’ve also had a career spanning five decades, and my professional opinion and practice is well known among those who worked with and for me.

So, as often as once or twice a day, I’ll get an email from a friend or colleague or organization that will link me to a “study,” or to an individual, or to an organization that either furthers our cause, or stands in the way of our cause.  I’m used to “links.”

This was different.  It had an impact on me.  So much so that now I’m “linking” you.

In a matter of six minutes Eleanor Longden – there’s a video below – dismantled the medical model and the “medication” that goes with it.  On top of that, she emphatically “cured” schizophrenia – her own – and she turned her “disease” into what it really is –  metaphorical insight.

This is Eleanor Longden, the first and one of the most significant “psychiatric survivors” you will meet.  If you have an extra six minutes, use them here:

(Eleanor is a member of the Hearing Voices Network.  You can learn more about HVN here.)

Eleanor calls herself a “voice-hearer.”

I call her courageous.


 NOTE:  I have been working on a story that I’ll publish soon about a little girl I counseled a few years ago.  Evie was also hearing a voice – just one.  One can be more than enough for a 14 year old living in a mental health facility.  There was a good ending to her story too.  It’s called “Goth Girl.”    – Dr. C

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